Intelligent hot and cold water self-priming booster pump

Intelligent hot and cold water self-priming booster pump

Taizhou Yongji Electronics Co., Ltd.

YJ series hot and cold water self-priming booster pump is a compact water supply system used in home life water intake, well water lifting, pipeline pressurization, garden watering vegetable greenhouse watering and aquaculture. It is also suitable for water supply and drainage in rivers, wells, etc., rural areas, breeding, gardens, hotels, canteens and high-rise buildings. The conveying medium is liquid at room temperature, clean, non-corrosive, and does not contain solid particles or fibers (very liquid, consult customer service before use), its PH value is between 6-8.5; power supply frequency is 50HZ, single-phase power supply 220V, three-phase voltage 380V, see the product nameplate. Remarks: Single-phase high-pressure self-priming automatic and non-automatic pumps. All non-automatic pumps can be converted to automatic pumps. The automatic water pump is made up of an automatic device on a non-automatic water pump, which is composed of a pressure switch and a pressure tank. The function features: when the power is on, the faucet is unscrewed, the pump will work automatically, and vice versa. If it is used with a water tower, the upper limit switch can automatically work or stop with the water level in the water tower.


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